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We moved in 2008 to Italy with two different ideas; Ilonka wanted to start a very luxurious B&B or small hotel and I, Rob, wanted to move to Italy to be able to drink a glass of wine in the sun under the trees. The combination of these ideas led to the creation of Tofanello, a small, very luxurious holiday destination in a tiny village where most people still farm for a living and time seems to slow down.

The houses that form the B&B were once simple farmer's housing where families lived upstairs and below the living quarters were the stables with the farm animals. We have rebuilt the houses in the same style as they were originally built to match the local village character.

Internally, the character of the original buildings has been preserved by recreating the authentic ceilings made of wooden beams and terra cotta tiles. The partial stone walls add further to the authentic character. We have reused as many materials from the original houses as possible. However, this is where all comparisons with the past come to an end as the newly build houses are gems filled with luxury and in which everything is available; air conditioning in the bedrooms, wireless internet throughout the entire property, mosquito screens in front of all windows and doors and of course decorated with ample taste and art.

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